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Bath Rotary

Rotary is an international organisation which has addressed many worldwide problems, famine, earthquakes, floods,etc., using the freely given time and talents of its 1.5 million members belonging to over 50,000 clubs in over 190 countries. One such task has been the near eradication of Polio worldwide, a Rotary initiative supported by the World Health Organisation and the Bill Gates Foundation supplying not just the funds and organisation to do this but sending many members into unsettled parts of the world to lead the immunisation process. At the local scale, each club has great fun organising events and activities to raise money for and to support local charities. Rotary Club of Bath is a growing and very dynamic club raising £40 to £50 thousand pounds annually. This is distributed to many charities with the emphasis on those having a local base. Bath Opportunity Pre-School is one such recipient and over the years we have funded the Christmas pantomime trip and this year a trip to the Egg theatre in Bath. This is a classic example of not only supporting a worthy cause but also supporting local amenities.